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Nonbinaryhood reflects on the artist’s experience of being nonbinary, and how to navigate the cisnormative structures they have grown up with. Across forty eight pages in deep blue, the project asks the reader to think about the systems we move around, and the allowances we make for ways-of-being imposed upon us.

Drawing in parallel to the body and its pokes and pinches, the work puts to use the comic’s compositional structure—its frames. Lines which begin in a tight squeeze explode across the page, riding alongside forms which forget or ignore the format that the comic expects from them. For Aki, this delicate and generous narrative moving with and against the structure of the comic while they navigate the structure of a cisnormative world, generates moments of quiet resistance in little bulges and off kilter gestures, as an ongoing process of becoming.

190 x 250mm, 48 pages, single colour riso interior, three colour riso covers, perfect bound and soft touch laminated finish.
© 2023
Ŧħεч ฬ𝔥𝔦ş𝕡𝓔Ř𝒆đ, 𝐰𝐡卂𝓉 𝐚ⓑό𝓊𝕥 ό𝔲𝓡 𝒻𝓊𝓽𝐔𝐑ε _____