Aki Hassan

Multi-disciplinary artist
who shifts between drawing,
printed matter, sculpture and
installation. Based in Singapore.




selected work
Growing A Pair
A Tired Holder, Held and Holding
Weighed Down by An Uplift
Only Upwards From Here
Being Strong for You
Encountering Material & Object:
Reflecting on Support Systems 

Forming An Unsettled Whole
Dysphoria Diarrhea
Sleep Paralysis

tired, trans, nonbinary formation,
examining support systems


ex—tensions showcases a mixed media installation by Aki Hassan. In this work, Aki confronts the idea of 'settling' in a moment of disorientation and physical discomfort through the arrangement of bodily objects, drawings and text. This exhibition allows for encounters between the objects, giving them a moment to rely on the physicalities of space to hold them up, and to resonate with one another in memories of strain and tautness. In thinking about support during moments of discomfort, Aki expands on entry points and access. Aki regards the glass wall sitting between installation and viewer as an explicit boundary, reflecting on what could quickly be (in)visible or (il)legible to the viewer in their positioning.

What co-existed with the viewer, outside the exhibiting space, is a song written and sung by Aki themself. It was accessible through a QR code.

November 2020.
Spray-painted metals, polymer clay, ink on paper.
Dimensions variable.
Solo exhibition at I_S_L_A_N_D_S peninsula.