Aki Hassan

Multi-disciplinary artist
who shifts between drawing,
printed matter, sculpture and
installation. Based in Singapore.




selected work
Growing A Pair
A Tired Holder, Held and Holding
Weighed Down by An Uplift
Only Upwards From Here
Being Strong for You
Encountering Material & Object:
Reflecting on Support Systems 

Forming An Unsettled Whole
Dysphoria Diarrhea
Sleep Paralysis

tired, trans, nonbinary formation,
examining support systems

Only Upwards From Here

Only Upwards From Here was exhibited at ‘Deviations’ exhibition in London. This work takes as its starting point the colloquial Malay phrase “Takde Jodoh”, directly translated as “no match made”. It is commonly used as a firm statement that one is not meant to be with someone—a declaration of impossibility. The work explores an object-based vocabulary that decentres this hetero-patriarchal reading of the phrase.

February 2019.
Spray-painted metal, balloon, hair, casted kewpie dolls in wax, paperclips,
digitally printed cloth, riso printed drawing in red ink.
Curated by Berny Tan.

Part of Deviations exhibition, held at 59 Hackney Road, London. 
More information can be found here: @__deviations__
Image Credits: Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee and Genevieve Leong.