Ongoing ~
Public Sculpture Grounding Points: Settling In & Unsettled until 2025 | Duxton Plain Park, as part of The Everyday Museum

Being Strong For You

Being Strong For You is a sculptural installation informed by Aki’s experiences of giving and needing support from those who are in solidarity. This is explored through balancing metal structures and objects together, reflecting on the insecurity of imbalanced relationships. 

Spray-painted metal, silicone casts, screenprint.
Part of “Like A Biennale” exhibition, held at Civic House.
Organised by fourth year Sculpture & Environmental students.
© 2023
Ŧħεч ฬ𝔥𝔦ş𝕡𝓔Ř𝒆đ, 𝐰𝐡卂𝓉 𝐚ⓑό𝓊𝕥 ό𝔲𝓡 𝒻𝓊𝓽𝐔𝐑ε _____